Aashirvaad Atta Select, 5 Kg


Aashirvaad Atta Select, 5 Kg


About Aashirvaad Atta Select

Premium quality atta, made from 100% MP ‘sharbati’ wheat is also available as Aashirvaad Select Atta.The wheat for Aashirvaad Superior MP Wheat Atta comes from the plush, fertile soil of Madhya Pradesh and then blended using the traditional ‘chakki-grinding’ method to give the superior, discerning taste.The Aashirvaad package is PET Poly, with the design showcasing the farming process undertaken in the rural heartland of India in the form of a Madhubani painting.’Aashirvaad Select’ Atta (5 kg pack) was awarded the World Star Award for Excellence in Packaging in the Consumer Pack Category.


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