Black Salt Powder, 200 Gm


Black Salt Powder, 200 Gm


About Black Salt Powder

Black Salt Powder.

Black salt has amazing health benefits and medicinal use sand it is popularly called kala namak in India. It is a type of natural rock salt that is full of minerals and natural goodness. It gets its deep dark colour because of the minerals and iron found in it and when ground it looks pink in color. In India it is very popular for its use in making chat items. I love pani puris (a very popular Indian snack) and I always have kala namak at home for making it. Kala namak is used as a seasoning for the pani (the green water that is used to fill the puris). I have never given kala namak a second thought till I came to know of its wonderful uses and benefits, now I try to include it often


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