Dry Dates Black, 200 Gm


Dry Dates Black, 200 Gm


About Dry Dates Black

Hair Benefits ofBlack Dates:


Today,conscious about their looks and appearance. Whether it is personal or professional life looks a lot of problems. A lot when it comes to beauty or appearance, you rhair color, density and style issues.Whether you are experiencing hair loss or dry hair problem, a good diet plan is a must. Rather than attempting to those age-old hair mask and lotions, consider your daily diet.


  • Provides Strong & Healthy Hair:

When you eat and sleep well, it certainly shows that you look. Reducing snack food; eat rich in natural fiber and minerals. Doctors often recommend daily consumption of at least two black date. However, you cannot expect miracles overnight;over time, it will provide a strong and healthy hair for you.


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