Haldiram Soan Papdi, 500 Gm

Haldiram Soan Papdi, 500 Gm


About Haldiram Soan Papdi

Haldiram Soan Papdis are softer and tastier that gives a delectable taste as soon as you keep them inside your mouth. Its an ideal for gifting or sweetening your every single occasion with great happiness. To make this Soan Papdi more delightful, ingredients such as Sugar, Peanut Oil, Refined Palmolein Oil, Bengal Gram Flour, Wheat Flour, Cardamon, Pistachio Almond are used, thereby making it more rich in taste. Haldiram is a popular brand of delectable snacks to provide their customers Perfect Taste and Quality in the Best of Packaging. Their mission is to Recreate and Rediscover the trend of Healthy Eating and Innovate and Invent fresh new methods to Nourish and Delight everyone they serve.


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