Johnson & Johnson Baby Soap, 75 Gm

Johnson & Johnson Baby Soap, 75 Gm


About Johnson & Johnson Baby Soap

Johnson & Johnson Baby Soap

Johnson’s Baby soap, made especially for babies. Triplebaby protection. Clinically proven mild. Enriched with 1/4th baby lotion. Welove babies and we understand that a new born baby’s skin has a naturalprotective coating of moisturizing oils that cover her skin’s outer layer. Washaway that oil and you might leave it vulnerable to dryness, irritation andrashes. That is why Johnson’s Baby Soap is specially enriched with 1/4thmoisturizing baby lotion to help preserve the baby skin’s moisture and keepsskin baby soft while retaining your baby’s skin’s essential protective layers.Rinses easily. Johnson’s Baby soap, milder than your body soap. Moms trustJohnson’s always mild, gentle and effective.


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