Kelloggs Choco Moon & Stars, 350 gm


Kelloggs Choco Moon & Stars, 350 gm


About Kelloggs Chocos Moons & Stars

Every day you do have a fight with your kid at the breakfast table? Then here is good news for all. Breakfasts are going to be more exciting and interesting for the children with the introduction of Kelloggs chocos moons stars. It is made up of whole grain cereal in crescent-shaped moons and chocolaty stars. Children do not want to eat their daily food, eventually they do not get the proper nutrients which they should intake through every day diet. Kelloggs chocos moons stars provides with essential nutrients like fiber, vitamins and minerals which includes iron and calcium. The main aim of the maker of Kelloggs chocos moons stars is to provide the daily nutrients to the kids through the crescent shaped moons and chocolaty stars. They will add fun, taste and adventure for kids during their breakfast. Moms will also be assured that their kids are getting the goodness of the whole grain in a fun and exciting manner. The packet is specially designed to highlight the excitement of space adventure, keeping food in the focus. Kelloggs chocos moons stars contains eleven vitamins and different minerals and are also high in calcium.


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