Nestle Nourish Milk A+, 1 Ltr

Nestle Nourish Milk A+, 1 Ltr


About Nestle Nourish Milk A+

Nestle Nourish Milk A+

The new Nestle Milk promises to be ‘Cow to consumer’product and promises to be consistent in taste & quality.

  • Right fodder to prevent contaminants and ensure optimal nutrition.
  • Safe use of veterinary drugs.
  • Good farm hygiene practices.
  • Farmer education programs.
  • Using clean and hygienic vessels to collect milk at the farms.
  • Non collection of milk for a specific period of time from cattle given antibiotics.
  • Periodic farm surveys and updated field intelligence.
  • Antibiotics residue prevention program.
  • Incentives for quality milk production.
  • Bulk Milk Coolers (BMC) to store milk in optimal temperature (4 °C).
  • Insulated, hygienic tankers which maintain optimal temperature.


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