Pampers Pants L, 52 Pcs

Pampers Pants L, 52 Pcs


About Pampers Pants L

Pampers Pants L

Pampers pants disposable diapers flex to fit where yourbaby needs it most. Now your baby will be able to crawl up to 1000m in onlyhalf an hour.

-Magic core: Great absorbency for dryness and helps prevent leakage
-Soft cotton like outer cover: Soft touch with great breathability to helpprevent skin irritation
-Balloon stretch tapes: Expands and contracts for a good fit around the waistfor comfort and helps the baby to move freely and easily
-Hypo allergic lotion with aloe Vera extract: Helps protect babies skin toprevent diaper rash

-Size: Large
-Baby’s weight: 9-14 kg
-Quantity: 52 diapers


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