Patanjali Beauty Cream, 50 Gm

Patanjali Beauty Cream, 50 Gm


About Patanjali Beauty Cream

Patanjali Beauty Cream 50gm

The cream gives a fair look when applied. Does not stickmuch, but when you rub your skin your fingers will find a layer of oil. It doesnot form a white layer over your skin, but you can feel your skin carrying thecreamy layer.

Usually do not use any fairness creams, it is just onmoisturizers and sunscreens. If you are really using fairness creams, you canuse this neglecting the minor cons.

Pros of Patanjali Beauty Cream:


  • An purely ayurvedic product
  • Makes you fair once you apply.
  • No white casts
  • Spreads neatly.
  • Economic.


Cons of Patanjali Beauty Cream:


  • Heavy feeling to your skin.
  • Does not show the stickyness, but can be felt to some extent.
  • Available only in Patanjali stores.


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