Patanjali Pachak Anardana Goli, 100 Gm

Patanjali Pachak Anardana Goli, 100 Gm


About Patanjali Pachak Anardana Goli

Patanjali Patanjali Pachak Anardana Goli is irresistible aroma fragrance digestion. Digestive system is natural, there are sweet and sour taste. It was conducted by an appropriate amount of organicherbs and spices mixed. Anardana or pomegranate is rich in vitamin C,potassium, fiber and minerals. Rich in fiber pachak help treat many stomach disorders. It promotes good bowel and prevent loss of nutrients. Anardana is acidic, gas and indigestion treatment is very helpful. Patanjali PachakAnardana Goli is a good remedy nausea due to motion sickness. It activates the secretion of digestive juices in the correct proportions so as to in crease appetite. In pachak regular intake control cholesterol and blood sugar levels.It also established the body immune system and protects the body from infection. Anardana rich in antioxidants to protect and prevent degenerative diseases such as arthritis Pachak Anardana Goli’s, heart disease and other consumer prevent constipation and upset stomach.


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