Patanjali Tejas Body Lotion, 100 Ml

Patanjali Tejas Body Lotion, 100 Ml


About Patanjali Tejas Body Lotion

PatanjaliTejus body lotion holds the reputation of a very good skincare herb. Used externally and internally, it helps one to gain lustre and glow (of the skin)and aids to remove pimples, freckles and discoloration. It is a drug of choice for treating various systemic problems like raised uric acid and goutyarthritis, glandular swellings, recurrent skin infections and other diseases of the skin like pigmentation anomalies and leucoderma. Manjishtha promotes the healing of skin tissues damaged by injury or infection. It gives glow to skin and keeps some harmful bacteria away from the body. Turmeric extract and the essential oil of turmeric inhibit the growth of a variety of bacteria,parasites, and pathogenic fungi.


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