Real Mango Juice, 1 Ltr

Real Mango Juice, 1 Ltr


About Real Mango Juice

The juicy flavour of the mangoes compounded with a delicious taste make it popular among everyone and across all ages. One cannot, however, savour its taste throughout the year as it is essentially a seasonal fruit. This problem is taken care of by Mango Nectar from Real. This juice brings the pleasure of enjoying mangoes year around without the convenience of actually peeling and cutting the mangoes. Nutrition Facts The Real Mango Juice is stuffed with nutrients like vitamin C, calcium, beta carotene and iron. Additionally, this nectar is a source of energy, carbohydrates, proteins and natural fruit sugars. Per 100ml serving of this juice will yield approximately 60 Kcal of energy, 0.1g of protein, 15 g of carbohydrate and 3.5 g of fruit sugars, 12.5 g of vitamin C, 5 g of calcium, 400mcg of beta carotene and iron of 0.5mg.


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