Sunfeast Pasta Treat Cheese, 70 Gm

Sunfeast Pasta Treat Cheese, 70 Gm


About Sunfeast Pasta Treat Cheese

Sunfeast Pasta Treat Cheese is whole wheat based instant pasta. This flavor is a strong snacking option for children and young adults. It has got a tasty and rich cheesy flavor which would just create pasta melt in your mouth. It has got a wonderful blend of different spices which gives it a wonderful taste to gel with its cheesy texture and it savor delicious. It is a delicious and healthy snack which everybody is sure to love.

The goodness of whole wheat combined with the richness of creamy cheese…mmmmm…who can resist that?! Cooking this pasta is effortless and barely takes minutes. And so tasty that your family will give you the title of the ‘best chef’ in the whole world! Buy Sunfeast Pasta Treat online now.


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