Thums Up Can, 300 Ml

Thums Up Can, 300 Ml


About Thums Up Can

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Thums Up is a brand to obtain success in sustaining their brand up to the level always and ever. Popularly known for being the strongest brand across the country. Spill your thirst out with chill Thums up. Thums Up now is also available in Thums Up Can. Drink chill and get refreshed! It is one of those beverages to give its best savory to its consumers. The brand reigned supreme in the cola market. The ingredients added here are carbonated water, sugar, acidity regulator (E338), natural color (150d) and added flavours (“natural, nature-identical and artificial flavoring substances”). Coca-Cola also states that Thums Up contains caffeine, but does not list it with the other ingredients. Thums Up Bottles are available in different quantity and sizes.


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